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In-Building Wireless and Public Safety Communication

Too often, in building communication is limited due to building materials which can cause poor penetration of Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Thick concrete walls, low-emission glass windows, and steel-reinforced floors can block out or weaken wireless signals.

It’s critical that public safety personnel and first responders have reliable emergency responder radio coverage no matter the environment. Being able to communicate with their public safety two-way radio systems in buildings is crucial for the first responders to execute time-sensitive and mission-critical tasks to protect the public. Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES) are often installed to provide these necessary means of communication.

Avari Wireless’ Digital ERCES Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is perfectly suited for medium to large complex mission-critical communication deployments. Leveraging the latest digital hardware technology and intelligent software, Avari offers the industry's most advanced and resilient DAS architecture with self-healing capability for the world's most critical public safety communication infrastructure.

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