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Millions of travellers pass through airports each day, in addition to airline staff as well as maintenance crews, and multiple public safety agencies’ personnel who rely on seamless radio coverage to maintain smooth operations and security. Emergency responders need to communicate with their two-way radios during mission-critical situations, demanding high system availability supported by redundant configurations. With complex venues like airports, where there are multiple terminals, combined with light rail systems, tunnels, maintenance buildings and sometimes other transportation hubs, it creates a diverse and demanding environment when it comes to reliable in-building coverage. Integrating multiple radio sources over a large area can be very challenging.

Avari Wireless understands the unique set of circumstances that airports face. Avari's high-reliability first responder DAS solution provides a powerful network infrastructure that can accommodate a high density of users in all LMR bands, including VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz. Avari’s solutions can digitally aggregate radio signal sources from different locations over fiber, which is a flexible and incremental way for meeting new requirements as airports expand. Our high-power multiband integrated solution provides seamless and redundant coverage for all airport environments and is scalable to add emerging technologies like FirstNet and Private LTE.


The Avari VL Element Manager (VL-EM™) provides centralized system management over the entire distributed antenna network. In addition to fault, performance and configuration management capabilities, the VL-EM™ supports industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for easy integration with any third-party network management platform.

As per NFPA fire code standard, all of Avari's digital DAS network elements support dry contact alarm connections for both radio communication systems and battery backup units. Avari offers the most versatile fire alarm connection solution in the industry whether it is for centralized or distributed alarm panels.

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