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Multiple building campuses can create challenges for active DAS deployments due to limited fiber plant connectivity with multiple buildings spread across a large geographical area. Avari’s digital DAS addresses these challenges by offering a flexible distribution architecture, supporting multiple connectivity topologies including star, daisy chain (cascade), hybrid, and loop, thereby maximizing existing fiber resources and minimizing new fiber installation costs. Ultimately, Avari provides the best solution because of the long reach with no loss of signal quality. Standalone systems for each building lack centralized management.


Additionally, our multiband content aggregation capability allows for the combining of RF content from different radio systems and geographic origins, supporting all common First Responder Bands: VHF, UHF, 700, 800, and 900MHz with a scalable, integrated high power platform.

Ease of installation and maintenance is afforded by a software configurable system topology consisting of an integrated multi-band headend and a simplified distribution architecture purposefully designed for supporting multiple remote units with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) operation (single fiber strand for both uplink and downlink). Integrated units provide a smaller footprint that is easy to install and commission as well as simplify battery backup operation. Avari's digital DAS systems can be easily expanded in the future to either add new buildings or RF bands.

College Campus
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