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Avari® Wireless continues to grow and develop its world-class team.


If you are passionate about in-building wireless, and helping keep the public, first responders, and public safety personnel alike safe, then Avari Wireless could be a great next step in your career.

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  • No signal degradation over long distance
    Digital signal over fiber – no loss of signal quality on fiber Tolerant of less optimal infrastructure i.e., poor fiber connections, lossy fiber ... Optical budget between 14 dBo to 27dBo No increase in UL noise on fiber infrastructure Perfectly suited for indoor and underground applications such as tunnels, metro systems, and mines
  • Automatic optical delay compensation
    Optical delay compensation across all fibers are automatically calculated and applied with a click of a button on the graphical user interface (GUI) Saves the need from using the same length of fiber to normalize signal arrival time to all remotes Minimize potential for time delay interference (TDI) problems
  • Design flexibility
    Flexible network topologies supported: star, daisy-chain, hybrid, ring, and loop (saves installation cost and time) Network cabling: supports single-mode or multi-mode fiber
  • Supports LTE and FirstNet today
    Software defined digital filters provide a great deal of flexibility and scalability in accommodating waveforms of today and tomorrow
  • Redundancy and self healing
    Intelligent controller re-configures network to route channel traffic via different paths based on analysis of faults detected Remote unit will automatically switch to secondary headend signal source if the remote detects loss of signal at the primary headend
  • Standard off-the-shelf SFP pluggable optical transceivers
    Low-cost non-proprietary components Supports single-mode (long haul) or multi-mode (short haul) fiber deployments Carries both uplink and downlink over one fiber (Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) operation)
  • Advanced automatic digital gain control and squelch
    Suppresses unnecessary channel noise to improve overall signal quality Minimizes near and far effect
  • Flexible alarm connections to local/centralized fire alarm panel and Network Operations Center (NOC)
    Accepts 3 dry contact input from battery systems Provides 3 dry contact alarm output for radio alarm connections to local fire alarm panel per fire code Supports forwarding of all radio and battery alarms to NOC via SNMP from the VL-EM™

*  If you didn’t see a role that fits your skill set, but still remain interested in an opportunity with Avari® Wireless, please submit your resume to

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