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Old infrastructure, limited fiber availability and obsolete radio equipment are common issues facing the utility industry.

Avari’s high-power multiband integrated solution provides seamless and reliable coverage for challenging environments like nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams. Our high-power multiband remote units can deliver 5W of power per band, even in lower bands like VHF and UHF. Our flexible architecture supports multiple distribution topologies including star, daisy chain (cascade), and hybrid, thereby maximizing existing fiber resources and minimizing new fiber installation costs.

Avari's high-reliability DAS solution provides a powerful network infrastructure that can accommodate all LMR bands, including VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz. New radio bands can be easily added incrementally at a later date protecting your initial investment. Back-up headend radio sources can also be added to increase the availability of the system. Our high-power multiband integrated solution is ideal for all dense concrete and steel utility environments and is scalable to add emerging technologies like FirstNet.

The Avari VL Element Manager (VL-EM™) provides centralized system management over the entire distributed antenna network. In addition to fault, performance and configuration management capabilities, the VL-EM™ supports industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for easy integration with any third-party network management platform.

As per NFPA fire code standard, all of Avari's digital DAS network elements support dry contact alarm connections for both radio communication systems and battery backup units. Avari offers the most versatile fire alarm connection solution in the industry whether it is for centralized or distributed alarm panels.

Image by Nareeta Martin
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